Hey all! Pafukas dates are set for 2021! We will be using the incredible Lion’s Memorial field in North Augusta again this season! Looking forward to another great season woith lots of CASH prizes!

May 8th M & W doubles
May 9th Coed doubles

June 19th M & W doubles
June 20th Coed doubles

Aug 14th M & W doubles
Aug 15th Coed doubles

Sept 18th M & W doubles
Sept 19th Coed doubles

July 25th & 26th Pafukas – Registration Open!

If you had plans to attend this year’s Columbia Crown and were disappointed when it was canceled…no worries! Come play triples Saturday and Doubles Sunday at the beautiful Lion’s Memorial Field in North Augusta, SC!! All Details can be found on the “format” page


Get the word out that this Pafukas will be played in Augusta at Riverview Park, Lions Field on June 20th & 21st!!

COST IS $70/TEAM for this tournament because we have to pay for the field

619 W Buena Vista Ave, North Augusta, SC


Please remember that you will need to pay with CASH at all PAFUKAS tournaments. This is because we use this money as prizes the same day. For prize breakdown, please view the “format” tab.

May PAFUKAS Update

Unfortunately, due to the fact that we do not have a field, the May Pafukas is canceled. Our regular spot, Oak Grove Elementary is currently undergoing construction and we will not have it this summer. I am currently working on getting another field, but with this crazy Corona it is near impossible at this point. I will be working VERY HARD to get a spot for our June 20th & 21st Pafukas date!!! Will update soon!

Here are the dates for the PAFUKAS 2020! There will only be 4 this season so be sure to get to all of them and claim your share of the CASH!!! Looking forward to a great PAFUKAS season!

May 16th & 17thcanceled
June 20th & 21st
August 15th & 16th
September 12th & 13th